The Texans once again employ a long slow methodical drive

  • The Texans once again employ a long slow methodical drive which time are from the red zone that has a little over four minutes left inside half. This time however, the defense breaks as well as the Texans get yourself a touchdown while on an out method to C.J. Fiedorowicz. Making the additional point ties the action up at 7-7.
    The Bengals obtain the ball left Madden NFL Mobile Coins attempting to retake the lead. The drive starts well, but stalls as soon as the Texans find a way to sack Dalton. The Bengals are instructed to punt having a little over a second left. The Texans obtain the ball and commence their drive. The Texans quickly move the ball down this line of business with chunk plays and are from the red zone with 16 seconds left. With all day inside the pocket eventually Will Fuller finds his way open and Watson hits him to get a touchdown. With the excess point hit, the Texans get higher 14-7 going to the half.
    After the half, the Texans get started with Buy Madden NFL Mobile Coins the ball, but that doesn’t last long since they very quickly throw an interception. Deshaun Watson throws it directly to Kevin Minter, who takes it back this short distance before being disassembled. The Bengals drive the ball rapidly down the sector and throw a touchdown pass to Tyler Kroft to tie up the overall game.